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It is said, anecdotally, that to become a master of something requires 10,000 hours of training. If a student trains in say, wrestling, for 2 hours a day 5 days a week for 4 terms, in a 4 term year of 10 weeks per term that only adds up to 400 hours a year. If he continued for 5 years it would add up to only 2000 hours. If he were to do 3 hours a day the numbers would be 600 and 3000 respectively. That is indeed, a lot of training and would produce an incredible athlete, who might be eligible for the National or Olympic team. Perhaps those numbers bring a little doubt to the 10,000 hour theory. In reality, a high degree of skill in any discipline can be attained in 2000 hours. Accordingly, I would aim for a 400 to 500 hour per year target in each of the 4 programs.

Training for 2 or 3 hours a day would develop a young student at an incredible rate. Even after 1 year, if they changed sport, their fitness would be carried over with them. And if they switched to music or art, their motivation would be carried with them.

Personally, I have seen teenagers turn into incredibly powerful/skilled sports men/women with a lot less than 2000 hours of training.

If a student changed his/her sport on a yearly basis they would still be fine sportsmen/women having 2000 hours of training. Even if they changed to Culture, Trades, or Academic, or changed disciplines each year, they would still have achieved 2000+ hours of concentrated input. This self-directed input is the real aim and it would be a real positive for the student, no matter the discipline.


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