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I have shown this website to a few teachers and students. A few students mentioned that they just did not like school and wanted to leave as soon as possible. Obviously, it is in the nation's and the school's interest to try and educate these students as much as possible before they enter the world of work. So, in order to cater for modern trends and opportunities and not push against the stream, the idea herein is to offer students the chance to work while still being at school thereby hopefully learning useful skills that they can employ to better their future.

Students would attend school in the mornings just like all the other students and would focus primarily on improving their literacy and numeracy skills.

In the afternoons, students would go to work for 4 hours. Evidence would be available in payslips/account statements etc. Students unable to find work would have to return to school and enter one of the other programmes. Staff would help them find work.

Ideally, the govt. would set lower minimum page levels for younger inexperienced workers, perhaps set differently at ages 14, 16, and then to the norm at 18 plus.

Work should be:

bulletOther ... depending upon the local environment.

The idea of adding working on a daily basis to school life would give students continued access to learning.


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