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Definition: A student of good character will be one who:
bulletis punctual.
bulletalways looks presentable.
bulletspeaks pleasantly.
bulletcompletes study/work as required.
bulletstrives to improve.
bulletreads ahead in the textbook to get ahead.
bulletcreates plans for both short- and long-term.
bulletis polite and considerate towards others.
bullethelps others when necessary.
bulletunderstands personal sacrifice.
bullettakes initiative when able or required.
bulletaccepts responsibility.

People of good character are easily spotted and become reliable friends / workers / marriage partners. They get along in the world and generally are the generators of progress.


  Developing student character should be the primary aim of any school. This is of equal importance to all the other areas.

This is even more important in the modern environment of broken families and the current lack of socialization due to phone and gaming addictions in youth. I would strongly recommend a 'no phone' policy in schools.

School should provide a safe environment with lots of opportunity that students can easily see and take. If it has to be forced, it is not working.


As we know, there are many students/people of bad character. They will almost certainly develop negative traits that permeate their entire being and it is only natural that they will struggle though life. Bad habits may lead to bad choices in all sorts of directions. They will fall in and out of relationships, study programmes and jobs, and find it very hard to get ahead.

It is not easy to change such people but what they need to realize is that they will find it very difficult to get along in this world if they walk about with a bad attitude towards study / work / other people. They are likely to live unproductive, unhappy lives unless they change their outlook. School is basically their last chance. Teachers, by their nature, will constantly be pushing them to do better but once a student leaves, it is highly likely that no one else will.

There are many unhappy resentful types out there. What they are is all their own creation.

After leaving school, there will likely be no one to 'push'. Some may eventually come to a realization and 'wake up' but - sooner is better than later. Schools and teachers can help to stimulate change but the major 'decision' can really only be initiated from within.

A person of good character is 1000 times more likely to live a happy, decent life. Positive opportunity will 'present' itself; a negative mind would likely never recognise it.


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