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A Softer Option

Culture includes any activity where people interact. Languages, for example, fall under culture rather than the academic area.


bulletAim to be really good at a language in one year
bulletContinue that language for another year
bulletUse your language learning skills to learn a new language
bulletContinue with the same study area or chose another


bulletLearn to play an instrument for one year
bulletLearn how to read and write music
bulletContinue that same instrument for another year
bulletUse your acquired skill to learn another instrument

After one year of intense study, the average student should be quite capable of picking up a new language or learning to play a new instrument. After two or three years they would be highly capable. There need be almost no emphasis on exams. If you speak French, then you speak French. If you play piano and someone wants to know if you play, then, you just play for them - and impress them!

A certificate would simply state 'Piano: 1 year of sustained study'. The level achieved is up to the student. With little emphasis on testing the student is less stressed and free to learn. Of course, they would be expected to 'perform'.

Other areas of focus

Art / Graphics / Design




Other ...


30 mins of running daily for all students

60 mins of running for sports students.





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