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Future 2020
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The Future is here

In early 2020 the world awoke to the new Corona Virus. It took many people quite some time to come to terms with it but by the end of March many schools around the world were closed. New buzz-phrases/words were Google Classroom, Google Meet, and Zoom.

More and more people started looking at information other than their own very conservative news outlets and began to wake up - the ultimate in self-directed learning of information. There were/are several sources of sometimes conflicting information that people have research in their quest to find truth. For the current generation of students - this in itself is quite excellent.

The reality of the situation is that while some students are getting on well with their school work, many are not.

Some just refuse to work without pressure. They have been trained to work under teacher directed pressure and without it, they do little to nothing.

Some do the work under pressure from parents, and sometimes this is causing family disruption. Perhaps parents will better understand the lot of the teacher from now on.

Some students are trying to do the work but are finding it a challenge since they need more direct teaching input.

Some students are quite capable but lazy, and are taking advantage and using the current situation as an extended holiday.

The students who are taking it all on board and getting on with their work, whether done well or not, will be the real winners.

In the classroom, the new Zoom/Google Classroom/Google Meet and other platforms, teachers and students are learning new methods. Students working form home obviously require a lot more self-disciple to get the work done.

Most students seem to be able to navigate their way around the platforms without much ado. However, in terms of the amount of work done, some students are proving to be 'more equal than others'.

As a result of all this, most students are probably best served in a normal school environment. However, many of the more self-oriented students are going to be far more positive about online learning. Some might even quit school in the future. For sure, online learning opportunities are already increasing.

This entire process will have been an eye-opening self-aware experience for all students as to who they truly are, from keen researcher/workers at on end of the spectrum down through to bone-idle lazies at the other.

The Future of Online Learning - In school, or Homeschool

Lets start with one key subject. Math is math wherever you go. What could easily be done would be to set up a universal syllabus. Not according to age, but just according to increasing ability as one progresses through the process.

Such a syllabus that could be started by a young child on their first day at school, or by a 50 year old man who wants to start bettering himself. Once addition and subtraction have been mastered, for example the aspiring student would get some kind of 'stamp', and move on. You could learn at school or at home for that same stamp. The stamp could be issued by authorized educational institutions that have gained accreditation to issue stamps.

A student, sensibly, ought not be allowed to move on until they/themself have achieved their stamp. This would instantly mean that in any age-oriented class, students would all be at different levels, each according to his/her own ability. The teacher would be the facilitator, helping each student at the level they are at.

A school could, if it so wished, still organize students according to age, or, it might wish to stratify them into various levels according to their current ability as they rise up through the system. Students would become more responsible for their own levels and general level-guides could be issued by controlling bodies.

There would be nothing to stop a man in Australia, another in Brazil, and another in China studying the same material at the same time, albeit in their own languages. All would get the same stamp, possibly even from the same controlling body, perhaps made up of a panel from different countries. Quite simply, math is math. This system could be implement and become part of high school graduation once certain levels are reached.

No grades. Simply: Basic algebra Pass. Fail need not be recorded as your level would be the previous level passed.

Records would be kept on a government server, with the individual student issued with the same information on a student card that is updated yearly. Potential employers could be granted access by the owner (student).

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