21st Century Educational Excellence

1 Sports
2 Culture
3 Trades
4 Academic
5 Work
Future 2020
The Future
A Softer Option

VISION: The primary aim of Educational Excellence is to wake people up to the fact that we are in the information age in the 21st Century and to give every student the maximum opportunity to achieve excellence. Aiming for Excellence is to develop the brain/mind.

A school that wants to adopt this idea will have to radically review and reform currently accepted norms in terms of the overwhelmingly academic orientation of the curriculum.

The main idea of this educational reform is to reduce the required academic focus of school after mid-day. The curriculum will be customized to student needs and the local work environment. Students will be given the freedom to do what they like and be motivated towards excellence. Late developers in their age group will have more time to excel. Competence overrides qualification.

Students are free to choose one specific area of interest to concentrate on; they will pursue it for three hours in the afternoon every day all year. The aim is to develop a skill at something they enjoy to a high degree of excellence.

Study Areas

1 Sports (Focus: soccer/rugby/tennis, etc.)

2 Culture (Focus: music/dance/media, etc.)

3 Trade (Focus: metalwork/wood work/automotive, etc.)

4 Academic (Focus: any subject)

5 Work (Literacy and numeracy in the morning; organised work placements in the afternoons)

* Equal status is given to the five areas.


30mins of running daily for all students



MISSION: Students will
bulletstudy / practice an area of interest
bulletlearn to aim for excellence
bulletbecome more self-motivated
bulletdevelop excellence
bulletdevelop supreme confidence
bulletwork with peers
bulletenjoy school

VALUES: Seeds to plant

bulletSelf-study is more powerful than directed study
bulletSelf-motivation leads to heightened success
bulletConfidence leads to self-worth
bulletSuccess breeds success (and in other areas)
bulletCuriosity, creativity, critical ideas, attention to detail, and completion lead to 'new mind'
bulletExcellence as habit


bulletInspiration: Internally or externally stimulated, then self-directed
bulletReality: There is darkness and light surrounding our objective - just be aware
bulletOptimism: The idea that we can and will move forwards despite setbacks/make progress
bulletMotivation: Internal or external, but ultimately self-directed

* Cannot easily impose my, or a school's, values on others. Better to develop the ones that you have already started implementing in your own life. Keep it simple. Success requires 'simple'.

21st Century

It is hard to change an existing paradigm. First, you have to recognise the one you are in. It is hard for the fish to see the fishbowl. Often, it is only when the current environment has changed so much that an old paradigm can become recognised as being redundant. Why wait?

bulletToday's youth need a very different set of economic survival skills.
bulletChange will be a constant part of their future.
bullet Self-motivation and the drive for excellence is an absolute necessity when making change.

Think outside the box; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNGFep6rncY

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